Welcome to Innovative Skill - your very best source for IT services for Springfield Missouri and the surrounding area.

We exist to provide solutions to your technical problems.  We are not retail sales.  We are not simply consultants.  We will not betray your trust through gimmicks and salesmanship.  We will apply our every effort to getting you past whatever technological obstacles you face.

You know your business, we know technology.  Together we can overcome IT problems of every size and shape.


Innovative Skill was founded in 2007 to represent Bob McDowell's efforts as an individual outside of his workplace.  It has since grown to include a number of other professionals covering a variety of skills and talents.


Innovative Skill can be reached any time, day or night, by...

Phone - 417-569-3300


Our talented experts available through Innovative Skill have a vast list of accomplishments, highlights include:

  • Decades of experience in the Microsoft world...
  • Active Directory / Exchange / Office, etc
  • Deployment / Upgrades / Emergency Repair
  • ISA / Forefront
  • IIS / ASP
  • Linux / Red Hat / Debian / Ubuntu / Asterisk
  • Backup / Disaster Recovery
  • Networking / Firewalls / VPN
  • Telephony / VoIP / IVR
  • IT and Physical Security / Video Surveillance
  • Internet Presence / Deployment / Domain Recovery
  • Scripting / Programming
  • SQL / Biztalk / Oracle
  • Full Scale Project Management / Architecture / Auditing
...and much more.


All of our services are available at 'per hour' and/or 'per incident' rates.

Basic Service - $75/hr
  - Desktop support, workstation deployment, simple consultation, etc.

Expert Service - $100/hr
  - Servers, Domains, Networking, etc.

Elite/Emergency Service - (call)
  - Other rates will vary depending on resources required, but will always be agreed-upon up front, and will never change except in favor of the customer.

Long Term / Full Scale Projects - (call)
  - We are more than happy to take on your IT project of any size.  We'll negotiate the rate up front and will exceed your expectations.

Sales - Flat markup over total cost on all items.  We are also always happy to enable our customers to buy directly from our vendors.


Innovative Skill is always looking to add talent to it's ever-growing roster of IT professionals.

Jobs are offered to experts on a seniority basis and all compensation comes in way of a negotiated flat percentage accompanied by a 1099 at the end of the year.

Please send resume and cover letter to recruiting@innovativeskill.com.